Iran Lied, Big Time!

Iran Lied, Big Time!

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave an historic speech this evening dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions. In a nutshell, he showed from documents and electronic media that the Nuclear Agreement that was signed in 2015 was based on Iran’s lies and deception. Israel obtained 55,000 pages of information and 55,000 files on 183 CD’s relating to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Don’t ask how Israel obtained the information. At this point, the “how” is not the key factor. Rather, the content of the files is the heart of the issue.

The detailed statement followed a Sunday evening missile attack in northern Syria, which, according to reports, killed a few dozen members of the military, most of whom were said to be Iranian. It is believed that the missiles struck an arms storage facility and also targeted Iranian surface-to-surface missiles that were to be deployed by Iran in Syria. Although Israel was accused of being behind the attack, Israel remained silent regarding the latest missile strike, which was of such a magnitude that at first it was thought to be an earthquake. A senior official in Israel warned Iran and Syria against trying to attack Israel, which is on high alert against a possible Iranian response. The big question is where will the response come from and who will be involved in it.

Netanyahu briefed U.S. President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the intelligence information. As an outspoken critic of the Nuclear Agreement reached with Iran, Netanyahu said that rather than minizing Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons: “The nuclear deal gives Iran a clear path to producing an atomic arsenal.” Indeed, this is in line with the “warning” issued today by Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, stated on Iranian TV that “Iran is not bluffing … Technically, we are fully prepared to enrich uranium higher than we used to produce before the deal was reached… I hope Trump comes to his senses and stays in the deal.”

President Trump is due to decide by May 12th about whether or not the U.S. will continue with the Nuclear Agreement as it presently exists. Trump is on record for referring to the 2015 agreement as “the worst deal” that the U.S. ever made. Other countries, Germany and France in particular, are not presently in favor of killing or modifying the nuclear deal. Whether they are now willing to change their minds remains to be seen. Netanyahu’s statements give support to Trump’s inclination to negate the deal or demand its modification. This, too, awaits a response.

For now, what has been hidden has been revealed and made abundantly clear. Iran is not to be believed in its protestations that it did not plan, and is not furthering, a nuclear program. “The [nation] doth protest too much, methinks.”  (Hamlet, Act III, Scene II, by William Shakespeare)

In the meantime, the Israeli Knesset just authorized the Prime Minister and the Secretary of Defense to go to war “under extreme circumstances”. Push is becoming shove as the situation with Iran, particularly in Syria, is gradually becoming worse. Prayer for wisdom is definitely welcome. 

Shifting Winds Regarding Arab Support for the “Palestinians”?

In a meeting held last month in New York between Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and the heads of various Jewish organizations, Salman is reported to have said: “In the last 40 years, the Palestinian leadership has missed again and again the opportunities and rebuffed all the offers it was given…It is time for the Palestinians to accept the offers and agree to sit at the negotiation table – or they should shut up and stop complaining.” Is the broad Arab support for the “Palestinians” beginning to change? 

“May the LORD bless you from Zion, He who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 134:3)

“Behold, He who keeps Israel Will neither slumber nor sleep.” (Psalm 121:4)

Bless, be blessed and be a blessing.



One thought on “Iran Lied, Big Time!

  1. reg

    A very timely, forthright talk of “the lied” being exposed. As I watched the presentation Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu cut thru “the “lie with boldness and skill. Forget about the fog of diplomacy that we all appear to have swallowed these day regarding the nuclear agreement that was supposedly in place.
    How will the nations around the world respond to the facts and will the (united) nations wedded to Iran find themselves in the great divorce.
    With “the lie” being exposed does this bring a glimmer of light and peace to Jerusalem n the middle east! or…..
    Praise the God of Israel for His love, mercy and grace


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