The West’s war against Syria – to be or not to be? That is the question. – TWTW … ending 31 August, 2013

Shalom all,

This week was all about the use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians and the response of the international community, both verbal and military. This is not a case of former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, saying “speak softly and carry a big stick”. This week’s comments were all tough talk, intended to send a message that the use of chemical weapons against civilians will not be tolerated. And the Middle East region continued to move in the direction of war, again!

If that wasn’t enough, Russia threatened to further inflame the Middle East by attacking Saudi Arabia, if Syria is attacked by the West.

U.S. President Obama gave a speech today saying that he believes that he has the authority to take military action against Syria to protect America’s national interest, but decided to let the decision be made by the U.S. Congress, which has the authority it declare war (Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution).

The West’s war against Syria – to be or not to be? That is the question.
The U.S. and some of its allies are ready to go. England was in and then was out, after the British parliament voted against military intervention, leaving an open question what role, if any, the United Kingdom would play in a military offensive from the West. French President Francois Hollande said that France is still willing to be involved to punish Assad’s government for its apparent use of chemical weapons against civilians.

The New York Times reported this past Thursday that government officials said there was no “smoking gun” directly linking Assad to the chemical weapons attack in the outskirts of Damascus. As a result, the intelligence report that will be released to the American public, to justify the attack on Syria, would not include specific, evidentiary information.
Though a host encamp against me, my heart will not fear; though war arise against me, inspite of this I shall be confident.” (Psalm 27:3)

Be blessed and be a blessing.

Have a simply great week.

p.s.: In case anyone missed prior updates of The Week That Was, copies of updates that were sent out from the end of January, 2013, until now, can be viewed at:

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